The Worlds Leading Gas Detection Products and Technology will be Displayed at WWEM 2010

Laser Gas Detectors from Leister (Switzerland) allow the selective detection & monitoring of Methane over a wide range of concentrations – from low ppm-levels up to several percent. The self-contained modules are designed for integration by Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) and are based on proprietary technologyenhanced tunable diode laser spectrometry. The systems combine advantages like high target gas selectivity, continuous sensor status monitoring, contact-less optical gas detection, low-cost of ownership and calibration-free operation.

Applications can be found – amongst others – in environmental monitoring and in safety gas detection. Methane is a potent green house gas – about 25 times stronger than CO2 – and outgases from reservoirs, landfills and permafrost soils. The LGD is ideally suited for under-water or remote-site applications because it can reliably & selectively measure methane without the need for frequent recalibrations. This is important in environmental research or for tasks related to the commerce of CO2 certificates, where the monitoring of Methane is of increasing significance.

In a safety-related application, the LGD can be very efficiently used for the detection of natural gas leaks in city networks, whereas natural gas always contains at least 80% of methane. The LGD is an ideal instrument for this task because it is capable to measure methane from about 1 ppm up to several percent for leak tracking & localization with a short response time of 1 second.

Further versions of the LGD F200 series for diverse industrial applications include NH3, CO2, O2 or H2O. A version with optional heating up to 190°C for hot-gas measurements is also

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