Toxic Gas Analyzer

Ion Science (UK) is pleased to announce the introduction of a new gas leak detector to their product portfolio. The new GasCheck G represents

the latest in gas detection technology – and utilizes an advanced system of micro thermal conductivity that enables improved sensitivity for the rapid, effective detection of leaks down to cc/sec, mg/m³ or ppm levels.

The addition of the new GasCheck G means that the user has even greater flexibility in the range of gas leak detectors available. The GasCheck

G is the latest in a long line of portable hand held gas detector systems which are available from Ion Science.

The main benefit of the new GasCheck G is that it uses a new advanced system of micro thermal conductivity detector that enables 5-10 times more sensitivity than achieved from Ion Science`s previous market leading product; the GasCheck 3000. This improvement enables users to find leaks more rapidly and find smaller leaks too, which in today’s market is a very important advantage.

Features that are new to the GasCheck G includes; enhanced stable readings to enable optimum performance of the instrument and a newly designed graphical display menu, to ensure ease of use that is ideally suited for international markets.

Other benefits include; advanced software features that allow the user to program the unit to deliver maximum sensitivity, to hold peak readings and to screen out interference from background gases. The large, clear back lit display easily shows the numerical reading of any detected leak. An audible alarm and flashing LED will give a clear indication of the leak present. As you would expect, the new GasCheck G is robust and stable and can be calibrated to facilitate accurate, reliable results and long-life operation.

For added flexibility, the GasCheck G is available in three easily upgradeable versions; G1, G2 and G3 allowing users, depending on their specific requirements and budgets, the option to add on extra features as the need arises, without returning the system back to the factory.

The new GasCheck G is suitable for a variety of applications that includes; quality assurance, laboratory applications, industrial, medical and pneumatic.

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