Toxic Gas Detector Family Receives ATEX Approval

New Gas Detection Digital Modbus RTU Wall Mount Controller, TA-2016MB-WM, designed/manufactured by MIL-RAM TECHNOLOGY (USA) received the Gases and Instrumentation 2010 Golden Gas Award. The controller was judged on the basis of its ability to: solve an important challenge to the gas industry; technological innovativeness; environmental “green” attributes; superior specifications in terms of power requirements, speed, footprint, maintenance, cost effectiveness, and other quality considerations. The controller features a 16-channel system utilizing RS-485 Modbus RTU Multi-drop smarter Transmitter (Sensor) Network. Four relays (SPST), 10 Amp./channel. Latching/Non-latching function. Low/Mid/High Fault relays. LED alarm indicators. Local buzzer.

Options: Remote Relay Modules, Modbus enabled, can be installed at any point on RS-485 network eliminating long wiring runs. 16 modules per network/16 different zones. Remote Analog Output Module provides discrete analog 4-20mA output/channel. Remote Digital Output Module provides RS-485 Modbus RTU interface to Centralized System. Analog Input Module to connect standard 4-20mA Transmitters for traditional analog installations. Auto-scrolls for channel data/fault conditions. Non-intrusive setup using magnet. Auto-Configuration wizard provides rapid channel setup. Nema 4x weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure. Continuous Diagnostics. Explosion-proof enclosure, 8-channel controller, external alarm stations, wireless – available options.

Use with Mil-Ram TA-2100MB smarter Gas Detection Transmitters, Toxic/LEL/VOC/Oxygen. Hundreds of different gases and vapors.

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