TVOC System Plus Environmentally Sealed PID Monitor for Continuous VOC Detection

Senscient’s (USA) new ELDS Series Open Path Gas Detectors (OPGDs) feature truly false-alarm free flammable and toxic gas detection. ELDS gas detectors, scheduled to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2009, solve a problem common in the oil and gas industry: unreliable readings causing false alarms that cost millions of dollars in lost revenue annually. Safety systems triggered by the detection of potentially hazardous gases typically shut down processes and facilities to prevent catastrophe. But when a false alarm triggers the system, productivity is lost while the alarm origin is investigated, false alarm status is verified, and processes are slowly brought back on line.

Using Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDSâ„¢), Senscient ELDS detectors automatically ignore interferences from any non-target gases and vapors such as organic surfactants, alcohols, diesel fumes and oil mist or atmospheric elements such as rain, fog, and snow that can cause spurious alarms for traditional NDIR or LDS-based open path gas detection systems. This makes Senscient ELDS detectors especially appealing in safety applications where greater than 90% uptime performance is required in environmentally challenging installations.
Senscient ELDS OPGD detectors, using Harmonic Fingerprintâ„¢ technology and other advanced features, will initially be available for the detection of either Methane-only gas, or Simultaneous Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide gases in the same system with absolute selectivity. Instrument capabilities and configurations for additional critical hydrocarbon and toxic gases will be introduced later in 2009.

Senscient ELDS Series 1000 and 2000 detectors in a separate transmitter and receiver configuration are capable of establishing coverage from 5 to 40 meters, and up to 200 meters, depending upon the target gas and the required Minimum Reliably Detectable Quantities for the target gas of choice. A target gas reading from anywhere along its beam triggers either an isolated single or dual analog or digital communications signal to a remote safety PLC.

“Our ultra-sensitive and false alarm-free ELDS technology provides the operator with the absolute certainty of a gas leak as well as the earliest warning response of any other methane or hydrogen sulfide detection technology on the market today, providing precious time for remedial action to shut down plant processes and evacuate personnel only when necessary,” according to Jean Berthold, Senscient CSMO and VP.

Senscient ELDS Series 1000 and 2000 gas detectors are designed to meet or exceed the most current toxic and flammable gas detection global safety standards for offshore oil drilling platforms, FPSOs, onshore petrochemical facilities and oil refineries.

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