Worldwide Offices Ensure Fast and Reliable Supply of Gases

Recom Industriale (Italy) produces fixed gas detection system. The Explorer Multi Channel control unit comes in rack format and it has DNV and RINA approvals for marine applications. This control unit has 4 channels and it is modular. In a standard 19” rack it is possible to put 4 control units for monitoring 16 different sensors. The Explorer Multi Channel is also availble as a wall mounting, with 4 channels for 4 different sensors. The Gas Point is a new single gas stand alone detector, ATEX approved, with a large graphic display. Non intrusive calibration and maintenance is performed using a magnetic wand to access the software through the enclosure window – no need to open the enclosure (and obtain special area permits) to perform routine calibrations.

The Explorer BOX 2 channels is a new wall mounting control unit, for one or two sensors, with a large touch screen display showing readings and all parameters during calibration and programming mode. Sensors / transmitters are ATEX approved and they are available for a wide range of gases: combustible, oxygen or toxic gases. Sensors are connected to the control units by a 4-20 mA signal. Sensors are catalytics, electrochemicals, or infrared. The infrared ones are developed with a new filter technology, for a better resolution and with less interference. Recom Industriale has also transmitters with an LCD display showing reading and current (mA) transmitted and 3 buttons on the PCB board, , for single man calibration without any other devices. Recom Industriale is looking for distributors in uncovered European countries. It offers good prices and short delivery time.


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