Affinity FLS Disposable Respirators

Sensit Technologies’ (USA) P100 single –gas detector is available for the following gases: O2,CO, H2S, HCN, CL2, SO2, NO & NO2 & SO2.

In this day and age, environmental considerations are very important so Sensit Technologies have decided to bring a serviceable single-gas detector to the market for the price of a disposable. The Sensit® P100 comes with a standard full 2 year warranty, data logging, 4 alarm levels (Low, High, STEL and TWA) and the option to replace the sensor and the 3.6v Lithium battery.

The Sensit® P100 4 year warranted version comes in a rugged housing including water resistant IP65 rated housing and is EMI/RFI resistant and offers great flexibility. This top quality product combines functionality, flexibility, reliability with competing pricing making this unit a perfect match.

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