Analox Sensor Technology has been named a winner in theBest Business Awards 2009

The new G400-MP2 pump from GfG (Germany) communicates with the gas detectors G450/G460. This interaction allows fault indication via the detector display. Low battery, blocked sampling line or interrupted power fault modes are shown on the display and activate different visual and audible warnings.

Gas samples can be taken from distances of up to 100 m with considerable low-pressure performance – the safe solution for confined space measurement.

The G400-MP2 is the only attachable pump available which may remain fixed to the detector. When the pump is turned on, the diffusion inlets are covered and the measurement results are not affected by air flows.

An additional filter system in the sampling line protects pump and sensors from dust and moisture. When the pump is turned off, the gas detector can be operated as usual. The diffusion inlets now allow all gases to enter the sensor chamber.

The G400-MP2 is operated on its own power supply, independently from the gas detector, i.e. the pump does not affect the operational time of the G450/G460. The pump power supply allows at least 10 hours of continuous operation.

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