Gas Monitors with HART

MiniRAE 3000
ppbRAE 3000
MiniRAE Lite

Portable Handheld VOC Monitors designed for Environmental Applications.
To celebrate the launch of our 3rd generation PID we have produced an extremely useful PID correction factor wall chart – to claim your free wall chart click the link below.
Click here to claim your free PID Factor Wall Chart

Key features:

  • 3rd Generation PID Technology
  • 3-second Response Time
  • Extended Range: 0.1 to 15,000 ppm
  • 1ppb resolution possible with ppbRAE 3000
  • Humidity Compensation
  • Large Display for Easy Viewing
  • Over 200 Built-in Correction Factors
  • Numerical and Graphical Readout
  • Easy to Maintain – No Tools
  • Field Accessible Lamp, Sensor and Battery
  • Rugged Housing for use in harsh environments
  • IP 65/67 waterproof design for easy cleaning and decontamination
  • Strong, protective, removable rubber boot.

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