Innovative Gas Detection Based on the Smartalerttm

Alphasense is introducing an innovative range of High speed, Real-time, Low Cost, Precision gas sensors using Indium Aluminium Antimonide NDIR LED technology. These sensors represent a significant step forward in CO2 sensing for more than a decade as they are smaller, use less power, offer improved selectivity and better performance than anything available before. Other gases will be released in the future. These small rugged sensors in industry standard or bespoke packaging can be supplied to provide a raw output or a fully temperature stabilised and linearised output to suit the customer requirements. This new narrow band NDIR technology employs an LED and amatched Photodiode both manufactured to operate within a narrow optical band at a 4.26µm. LED’s by nature are stable long life light emitters that are free from the normal optical filtering associated with conventional tungsten element light sources. The optical housing employs a simple but efficient optical path that collects a high percentage of the emitted radiation on the photodiode. This solid state optical assembly is fitted with a reference diode, to ensure long-term precision and stability. The sensors can be supplied with a range of optical path lengths to suit customer specific range and tolerance requirements. Additionally, the sensors can be supplied with or without interfacing electronics that can also be constructed to suit the customer’s OEM specification.

Some of the main benefits include – High Speed warmup < 0.5 seconds

Long term stability, minimal zero drift,Integrated or external control lectronics, High accuracy,ppm to % ranges, Low power consumption, Real time response.

Development kits and the sensors are available now allowing easy and fast evaluation of this exciting new sensor and the kit includes; Battery, Display, RS232 output (ppm or %), auto zero function, 1 optical sensor with driver board.

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