IR Microscopy & Imaging – Spotlight 150i, 200i or 400: EXCEPTIONALLY POWERFUL AND VERSATILE Whatever Your Samples, We Got You Covered

All labs are different, with different detection and analysis requirements. And that’s the thinking behind our complete family of microscopy solutions. Each system is engineered to the highest quality specifications, providing high energy throughput, reproducibility – and a real sense of confidence in the quality of your results. For analysis of everything from contaminants to advanced materials, Spotlight delivers unrivaled micro and macro sampling versatility for the challenges you face every day

Our IR microscopy solutions play an important role in a wide variety of industries. Easy to use, yet exceptionally powerful and versatile, the Spotlight’s flexibility and sensitivity make it a perfect addition to any lab setting, in any discipline

Here’s where you will find us working:

  • Materials
  • Microplastics & Polymers
  • Forensics
  • Pharma & Biomedicals
  • Academic Research
  • Biomaterials

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