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Sierra Instruments is proud to announce that our Innova-Mass Model 241 has been honored by Flow Control Magazine with their annual Product Innovation Award for its compelling advances in vortex technology.

The Innova-Mass® Model 241 Insertion Multiparameter Flowmeter is a unique solution for mass flow of gases and steam in large pipes. This meter features innovative benefits to customers including a patented low mass sensor and sophisticated digital signal processing (DSP). The low mass sensor makes the meter very sensitive to the vortices formed and less sensitive to heavy vibration, while the DSP conditions and filters the signal.

The 241 measures three process variables (velocity, temperature, and pressure- VTP) through one process connection. This allows for the real-time calculation of true mass flow. Since everything is calibrated together, system accuracy is very high. Because VTP is directly measured, the Reynolds number can be dynamically calculated and the flow profile effects in large pipes calculated in real time. This allows for reliable measurements in large pipes (up to 72 inches) where using an in-line meter would be cost prohibitive.

Even with all the above powerful abilities, the Innova-Mass® is loop-powered, with power in, programmable four to 20 mA out, and a superimposed HART signal riding on the same two wires.

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