New Gas Detection Device for Monitoring Flammable, Toxic and Oxygen Gases

Prove it? They can now! Landfill technicians and environmental consultants can now find and prove borehole locations with a GPS-enhanced portable gas analyser from Geotech (UK). Its on-board GPS guidance system takes staff to the precise location of the 1000 it can store. It adds the GPS-received location, date and time to the gas analysis record. GPS locations can be added at boreholes or pre-loaded from surveys, marked maps or from another analyser.

For landfill operators, and consultants working on brownfield projects, under increasing cost and time pressure, the improved efficiency and reduced operating cost comes from productively collecting data and minimal time wasted searching. Sales manager, Simon Sheridan said, “Users tell us they will benefit from speed, ease and accuracy in finding each borehole fast and prove its GPS digital location. They are pleased to have the auditable, unalterable record of the borehole gas analysis data and be able to validate securely and absolutely what they have done.” The on-board GPS option locates boreholes simply, fast and accurately. Its easy-to-read ‘where-to-go’ on-screen directions save time especially for technicians on different sites, consultant audits of unfamiliar borehole locations or training new staff. Users have said they also see benefits where boreholes IDs cannot be read or seen, are rarely monitored or lost and overgrown.

The comprehensive GPS display shows how far the user is from a borehole and the direction to it. On getting closer, it updates until arrival. An in-built 3D compass chip enhances the display of the correct bearing. In addition to proximity, direction-to-walk and a map, the crystal-clear display shows latitude and longitude, altitude in feet or metres, a measure of accuracy and received satellite time. All are added to the gas analyser’s data record and can be downloaded to the GAMS data record.

Gas analysis and GPS data can be downloaded to the latest version of Geotech’s Gas Analyser Management Software (GAMS) and stored as an unalterable, legal evidence-quality record. Using the software, location coordinates can be pre-entered to minimise on-site search time. The new version of GAMS stores and displays all received GPS data. Pre-set limits prompt alerts if the GPS reading is too far from the borehole’s known location, further proving operator accuracy.

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