New Portable Detector for Flamable Gases

The innovative Dockingstation DS400 is a complete device management system, that offers the user reduced cost and time for performing functional tests (Bump tests), calibration and documentation. The DS400 is compact, portable and does not require a PC to operate.

When inserted into the DS400, the detector is automatically bump checked. Alarm functions are tested to ensure correct operation, in addition to sensor response. Calibration reports can be printed out from the DS400 (via PC). All data is recorded on a memory card, and the data transferred from the detector to the DS400. The data can then be transferred to PC via a USB cable and manipulated directly in Excel. The DS400 uses simple traffic light indicators for the user to give the detector status – green is go, red is stop. The DS400 ensures that your detectors are always ready to go, in a safe condition and at a minimum cost.


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