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Geotechnical Instruments new Leachate Pump White Paper,

Leachate pumping success mainly depends on two factors; customisation and regular inspection with maintenance when necessary. However, the better pumps are made, the longer they last giving best value after just a few years.

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Shrigley Builders installs and services turnkey landfill and remediation leachate control systems throughout the country for gas generation and landfill operators. They have been supplying and fitting the Geotech AutoPumps range for more than five years. Michael Shrigley said, “They are easy to strip and clean and have proven to be extremely reliable. They comply with all the current legislation; ATEX and DSEAR for landfill sites. They stand up well in difficult sites. For any pump, sand can cause heavy wear but replacing worn parts is easily done during routine maintenance and cleaning.

One of the worst environments is in industrial waste where a build up of iron deposits can occur. “It is not a problem. We just dismantle the pump, clean off the deposits and the pumps run as well as ever,” said Michael Shrigley.

Shrigley Builders installed top-loading AP3s for a 50-pump leachate control system on a site in Wiltshire and confirmed from the routine first-year 3-monthly service checks, “Each pump has performed perfectly.”

In this environment, corrosive and hostile to any pump, stand-by readiness and continuous pumping ability is essential for many landfill sites to comply with EA leachate-level requirements.

A CHP engine may depend on a knockout pot condensate pump for moisture removal. Here, pump durability and reliability really matter. For leachate and condensate pumps in methane-rich atmospheres, ATEX Zone 0 certification may also be essential.

Geotech’s new Leachate Pump White Paper provides a guide for landfill site operators to assist them achieve the best pumping performance to achieve desired results, compliance and best value.

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