RAE Systems Hires Marketing Executive Bill Jackson as V.P. of Global Marketing

New manufacturing facilities in South Africa have given Specialty Gases (UK) an even bigger worldwide presence, thus ensuring continued fast and reliable delivery of gases. Established over 35 years ago Specialty Gases is headquartered at the prestigious Kent Science Park in the South East of England. With the intention of becoming the market leader in the supply of gas mixtures the company has pursued a strategy of opening
manufacturing facilities or having local distributors in each continent.

In September 2007 their partner companies – Specialty Gases (Pte) Singapore & Specialty Gases (BV) Netherlands opened, followed most recently by Specialty Gases South Africa. So with main manufacturing at
four strategic sites and with over 25 distributors throughout the world Specialty Gases is now one of the largest suppliers of gas mixtures in non-refillable gas canisters.

Specialty Gases calibration check gases are used to check: gas analysers, gas detectors, gas chromatographs, process control analysers, environmental monitors, medical gas analysers, clinical analysers, breath monitors, gas leak detection and smoke alarm testing and many others. They supply to a variety of industries, including shipping, mining, food packaging and agriculture, chemicals and petrochemicals, health and safety departments, laboratories, research and development, process control, environmental and pollution control, police and fire services.

Their specialist services include own labelling for manufacturers and distributors, expert advice on mixtures and packing/transportation of gases worldwide. With hundreds of accurate and traceable mixtures available ex stock and a full range of both ISO & DOT approved cylinders, a large range of regulators and accessories, and worldwide manufacturing, Specialty Gases is in an ideal position to supply your calibration gas requirements.

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