Revolutionary Range of PeCOD„¢ COD Analysers Launched

Sensit Technologies’ (USA) are proud to introduce their TRAK-IT® IIIa, which they claim is the most durable and user-friendly CGI (Combustible Gas Indicator) available. The “T3a” can be configured for combustible gas readings in PPM, LEL and/or percent volume as well as a variety of toxic sensors, oxygen and VOC. This instrument has been designed to work in the most extreme of working conditions.

The TRAK-IT IIIa is ideal for underground gas leak pin pointing, pipeline purging, and confined space applications. This gas detector is available for areas requiring UL and ATEX certification.

This instrument displays up to 4 gases simultaneously (LEL – % volume and ppm optional, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide). Among other gases sensed by TRAK-IT are butane, gasoline, propane and methane It also features an internal 2 speed high-volume pump which identifies propane versus natural gas detection. The “T3a” includes standard features that encapsulate simplicity with high sensitivity and accuracy; a large, bright graphic display, with LED warning lights and a loud audible alarm ensure that users are aware of any hazardous leaks immediately. Expenditure is reduced with the instrument’s long battery life and low cost, long life sensors – it is also cost effective when used as an area monitor.

Sensit’s versatile instrument also offers infrared downloading, stainless steel housing, exceptional water protection and built in natural and propane gas calibration as standard, with an optional 1,600 event log. Automatic calibration can be carried out by Sensit’s Smart-Cal system.

The TRAK-IT IIIa is widely used at natural and propane gas companies, industrial, chemical and petrochemical plants, fire and hazmat services, HVAC contractors, gas exploration and transmission sites and water/waste water operations. This instrument is ideal in applications such as gas line purges, underground leak pinpointing, gas leak investigations, carbon monoxide investigations, confined space monitoring and combustible gas measurements.

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